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Magnetis polus arcticus
  • Magnetis polus arcticus

Magnetis polus arcticus


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  • Size - 6CH 30ml


  • Size - 30CH 30ml


  • Size - 200CH 30ml


  • Size - 1M 30ml


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Medicine prepared from exposing the vehicle into the influence of the north pole of magnet. Covers the symptoms from the exposure to the influence of the North Pole of the magnet.
Sphere of action: Mind, head, teeth, digestive system and respiratory system.
Clarke’s clinical indications: Amenorrhoea, clairvoyance, hernia, panaritium (infection or inflammation of the tissues near a fingernail), salivation, disturbed sleep, somnambulism, toothache, vertebrae and cracking in cervical.

Main indications:


  • Peevishness, and inclination to weep, with shivering.
  • Symptoms of teeth and jaws are most marked
  • Swelling, heat, and redness of one cheek
  • Faintness, vertigo, as from intoxication, with staggering, when walking in open air, and instability when standing
  • Headache is worse by lifting or moving arm. Better by on waking.
  • Toothache worse by breathing through the mouth.
  • Dry, asthmatic, suffocating cough, < by walking in open air.
  • Violent spasmodic yawning, with wrenching pain in maxillary joint.


Rare and uncommon indication / modality
Sensation of dryness and lightness in the body with want of strength. Sensation as if scalp adhered to skull. Eyeball feels cold, as if it were a lump of ice in the socket. Symptoms are better by uncovering.

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